Download VLC 0.8.6 RC1

VLCVLC is a media player that let’s you enjoy your music without any interruption. It is a popular media player and one of its best in its class. You won’t get any kind of interruption between your videos and audios. The support it provide to video and audios is much better than any other existing media player. You won’t have to worry much about formats of file you are playing. Where other media player doesn’t support maximum formats, VLC provides you support for all formats you could play on it. It plays a vast variety of formats without any hassle. You can customise the VLC app as per your preferences. VLC is designed by videolane. Company always keep it updated and fixes the bugs on time with new version releases. It supports all the major platforms so if it is windows or android, PC or phone, whatever it is you can use the software easily.

Features of VLC 0.8.6 RC1

Following are the features that VLC offers you-

  • It is a simple software, because of its easy interface anyone could use it without any special skills.
  • This app supports maximum formats of media and plays them smoothly without showing any error.
  • It can convert media files into required formats.
  • You can customize the background skin of the VLC.
  • You will get options of play, pause, resume, stop etc.
  • You can view videos in full screen mode.

How to download VLC?

You can get the app easily with a click on the button we have provided here.

Download VLC Media Player


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