How to stream from VLC to Chromecast

VLCVlc media player is an application with which yu can play all type of medias in your device. All formats are supported on this application. The app has many important tools that help in using most of it. The application can be connected to many other applications. One of them is chromecast. Now, VLC has started supporting Chromecast application and thus it allows you to stream from vLC to chromecast. Using this facility you can easily cast the media on your TV and watch it whenever you want.

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How to adjust Image settings in VLC Media player?

VLCThe VLC is a media player which allows you to play different types of media in your device. The software supports all type of devices and thus you can download it in any device you have. It supports all type of formats of media. When playing videos in your VLC you might have faced issues of the images. Images might not be clear in one than the other video. In such cases, VLC provides you an option to change the image settings of the video. Even if you want to play video with different image settings, you can do that in your VLC.

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How to shutdown VLC automatically when VLC playback is over?

VLCYou can shut down your PC automatically after VLC video playing is done just by simple steps. The initial step is to configure VLC for exiting after presently playing media or the overall playlist finishes up. First, you must configure VLC to exit after the current media or playlist finishes. After this step you need to let the windows know if VLC Media Player has topped playing and then put the PC either on sleep mode or shut down.

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How to make VLC, a default player?

VLCThe default program is a program that Windows use to open a file when you double click on it. It is the first trace program that windows pick to open your files to make VLC a default media player. To open all your media files first of all have to make sure that VLC media player can open all the media files available on your PC.

How to make VLC default player?


  • First of all go to the start screen and launch VLC media player.
  • If you don’t see there, you can type VLC in this text box and then launch VLC media player.
  • Now, once it’s launched, go to tools and click on preferences.
  • At the preferences, windows scroll down until you find a set up associations tab.
  • Click on it and this will open another page behind which you can just click on it to sure it
    comes to the front row, if any of these checkboxes is not checked, make sure that you check
  • We are allowing VLC media player to open files the extension files.
  • Check the boxes are selected so that we can assure that media player will open all these files.
  • Now click on the check box and command on save button.
  • After this, go to windows settings to ensure that VLC media player is set as default media player.
  • Go to start media and click on default programs and select set your default programs.
  • Now, select VLC media player as a default.