Download VLC 1.1.0

VLCFrom last 10 years, VLC has been serving us with it amazing service. VideoLAN has launched this product in the year 2001, Since then it has become the number 1 player. VLC media player is an audio video player which supports maximum formats easily. This quality of the app makes it stand out in the race of winner app.  It allows you to play media without any interruption. If You are also searching for a nice media player, we would recommend VLC to you. This is an easy to use media player. This player can be downloaded in any of your devices easily.

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Download VLC 1.1.0 RC1

VLC is a media player, which is popular for its amazing service. It has satisfied millions of users and made them loyal ones. VLC let’s you play any type of Video and audio files successfully. You would not have to bother about the media formats anymore as it supports almost all formats. VideoLan has designed the VLC app for all platforms, hence you can download it in your PCs and phones without any problem. the company always keeps it updated and free from bugs which makes it more usable. This app is available for free and all of its services are free.

Features of VLC 1.1.0 RC1

VLC has the following features-

  • It allows you to play videos and audios on the player.
  • It can convert media into different formats.
  • It allows customization, in which you can change the skin of the player. You can also download the theme of VLC to change skins.
  • It has play, pause, resume and stop options as well.
  • It shows the media library in an organised way where you can sort and find your media easily.
  • It can play all quality of media in the player.
  • It can even play the unfinished media.

How to download VLC 1.1.0 RC1?

You can download this media player easily with few clicks. Just click the below given button and install it in your device.

Download VLC Media Player

Download VLC 1.0.5

VLCDo you often get stuck while playing any video? Well, it happens with most of us. Sometimes we open a video to watch but it doesn’t work properly. And in such case, what can we do? Well, the answer is easy, you need to download the app VLC. It is a video media player which would allow you to play the video properly. It works with Windows. With the help of this app VLC, you can also play the embedded videos of any site. The best part is that it is free of cost so anyone can use the app by just downloading it. Not only videos but you can also play the audio files through the app.  Continue reading

Download VLC 1.0.3

VLCThis is one of the best media players. This Player fulfills all our expectations of the best media player. VLC has some excellent features such as it support almost every format, you can play any file you want on this multimedia player. Also with this, you can play any incomplete file, so at the time of downloading any file, you can check the quality of the media with this player. You also find many shortcuts to play, pause, resume, stop and many more such buttons to work with the file. With this shortcut button, it is easier to operate the player. It also has great playback features as well. You can also change the equalizer setting, you can change the different modes as per your needs anytime. VLC is a great platform to play your files anytime, anywhere. It also allows you to add subtitles to your videos and customize them accordingly. Overall, VLC is among the top multimedia players that provide us with the best service with some great features. You must check this out. Continue reading

Download VLC 1.0.2

VLCIf you are looking for a multimedia player for all OS platforms, then VLC media player should be first in your list. This media player is winning hearts from years, as the features it offers are not found in any other media player. VLC is a product by VideoLan. It supports all the platforms which is the best quality of this media player. It allows users to customize it as per their needs. It is considered as one of the best media player for different platforms specially for Windows. It is a free media player and easy to use.

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Download VLC 1.0.0

VLCWant to play your media on a player, which supports all formats? Then download VLC Media player now. This media player would definitely meet your requirements. You would not need any separate audio player as it supports audio and video files, both. This software is available for PCs and you can also download its app on mobile devices. VLC is one of the popular media player which has now defeated all media players in the race of best. You would get high quality on this player. It is easy to use because of its convenient interface. You can play all kind of media on this player easily and convert them too.

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Download VLC 1.0.0 RC4

VLCLooking for a media player that can access almost any media file without having to pay for it? VLC media player is the best app for you. It is a free, open source media player that is available across various different platforms. VLC media player allows the users to access almost every multimedia file without having to pay for it. Moreover, the media player also supports all types of audio formats. VLC media player is one of the few media players that does not entertain any advertisements to ensure unhindered viewing experience for the users.

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Download VLC 1.0.0 RC3

VLCVLC which is a free open source, cross platform media player which is commonly known as VLC was developed by Video Lan project. It supports various audio and video compression methods, file formats, and streaming protocols. It even can stream media computer networks and transcode multimedia files. There exits large number of free encoding and decoding libraries in the default distribution of VLC.

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Download VLC 1.0.0 RC2

VLCVLC is a versatile multi media player. This multi media player is the most popular and power media players. It has some great features and outstanding capabilities. It can run files in various formats. As a multi media player it does it’s job perfectly. This player also supports incomplete media files, you can play and check and media before downloading and it will do that also. It has some great controls which makes it easy to use the device, it has some shortcut buttons to make things easier for you. This media player is easy and simple. Anyone can use it easily. It also has a drag and drop option that makes it easier to play any file you just need to drag and drop the file and it will be added. Moreover it has some amazing customisation options available as well. You can adjust the equalizer as per your need or mood. VLC also gives you option to add subtitles to any movie or video you want. You can play any video or song you want. This is a multi media player which is among the top players, and you will definitely love it once you download it in your device.

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Download VLC 1.0.0 RC1

VLCVLC media player or better known as VLC, is a media player and server which can work in any device. Developed by VideoLAN, in the year 2001, VLC has been a must in every PC and laptop. It is an open source application which allows you to play any kind of media without any problems. Not only in PC and laptops, VLC can even work in android and windows phone. Apart from that VLC also supports IOS devices such as Apple TV, Mac PCs, iPads and iPhones. It is even available in Google play store, App store and Microsoft store.

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