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VLCVlc is a free and multi-platform media player streaming server. It is developed by VideoLAN and was first released in 2001. It is written in C and C++ and available in 48 languages. The app can be obtained from Android play store, Apple store or Microsoft store. It supports many video and audio formats and makes video watching a pleasurable and pleasing experience. It is one of the most and downloaded and used video players in the world which comes with numerous advantages. The features of this app are as follows.

Features of VLC 0.8.6F

 Support almost all kinds of video and audio formats.
 Subtitles supported.
 Can play even ongoing downloading videos.
 Plays damaged or broken videos.
 Possesses features that can rotate, distort or split videos.
 Create display walls or add a logo.
 It can stream live content to a monitor or HDTV.
 Equalizer, filters and weird Audio formats can be played.
 Multi track audio supported.
 Gestures to control volume, brightness and seeking.
 Auto rotation.
 Aspect ratio adjustments.
 Widget for audio control.
 Complete audio-video library.
 Supports audio headsets control.
 Cover art.
 Can open network and internet streams.
 Android TV launcher.
 Change the song even by the phone is on the lock screen.
 Continuous updates to give you the best version.
 Very simple and easy to use.
 Can replace your existing media audio player.
 One of the highest used and downloaded apps

How to download VLC 0.8.6F

Click the Button below to download VLC.


Download VLC Media Player


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