Download VLC 0.9.9

VLCWe all play media on PCs and phones, but for this we need a good media player which can support all formats and provide better service. VLC media player is one which fulfills our need. This player is available for free and supports all type of devices which is a great thing for all its users. VLC supports all media formats which makes it easy to play any type of media on this player. It allows to play, pause, restart and stop the media. It also supports audio files.

Changelogs of VLC 0.9.9

  • VLC has introduced experimental decoder for Real Video 3.0 & 4.0
  • Fixes has been made for read demuxers MacOS X interface.
  • Fixes has been done for circumstances where information us shown empty. It would now show the selected item instead of the item which are being played.
  • Fixed issues of multiple UTF8 in streaming and exporting Wizard Mac OS X Port.
  • For Intel based Macs, video playback performance has been improved now.
  • New languages have been added namely Bengali and Indonesian.
  • Issues of receiving RTP packets on odd port numbers have been resolved now.
  • Bugs are now fixed for full screed mode on multi screen setups on windows.

How to download VLC 0.9.9?

To download VLC in your device you would need to click on the download button we have provided below.


Download VLC Media Player


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