Download VLC 1.1.0 RC1

VLC is a media player, which is popular for its amazing service. It has satisfied millions of users and made them loyal ones. VLC let’s you play any type of Video and audio files successfully. You would not have to bother about the media formats anymore as it supports almost all formats. VideoLan has designed the VLC app for all platforms, hence you can download it in your PCs and phones without any problem. the company always keeps it updated and free from bugs which makes it more usable. This app is available for free and all of its services are free.

Features of VLC 1.1.0 RC1

VLC has the following features-

  • It allows you to play videos and audios on the player.
  • It can convert media into different formats.
  • It allows customization, in which you can change the skin of the player. You can also download the theme of VLC to change skins.
  • It has play, pause, resume and stop options as well.
  • It shows the media library in an organised way where you can sort and find your media easily.
  • It can play all quality of media in the player.
  • It can even play the unfinished media.

How to download VLC 1.1.0 RC1?

You can download this media player easily with few clicks. Just click the below given button and install it in your device.


Download VLC Media Player


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