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VLCIf you watch videos regularly on your pc, smartphone, etc, you might have encountered an error which says the video player doesn’t support the video format you are trying to play. Then you will have to download another player which supports the format. This way, you might end up with two scenarios – you either have many video players or end up not watching your video. VLC Media Player solves this problem. With support to multiple video formats and wide options, This media player is probably the most preferred multimedia players among the tech -savvy community. In this article, we shall see the features of VLC Media Player.

Features of VLC 1.3.1

Here are the features of VLC Media Player which make it one of the popular media players on the

  • Speedy Hardware Decoding- VLC Supports hardware decoding on most of the popular platforms. It also allows 0-copy on GPU.
  • Support to all formats- You can play videos and music of all formats. Supported formats include MPEG, DVD files, Cinepak, Sorenson, Real Video, MP3, WMA, True Audio, Real Audio, etc.
  • Support to Subtitles- This Media Player supports all kinds of subtitle files like Closed Captions, Vobsub, Universal Subtitle Format (USF), SVCD, DVB, etc.
  • Better Control- It has a better and complete set of features about the video, subtitle synchronization, video and audio filters, etc.
  • Wide Range of Input Media- This Player supports media from almost all input media like UDP or RTP Unicast, HTTP, MMS, CD, DVD, Audio CD, DVB (Satellite, Digital TV, Cable TV), Video acquisition and many more.

How to Download VLC 1.3.1?

If you would like to experience the exciting features of VLC Media Player and enjoy all your videos in a single app, click here


Download VLC Media Player


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