Download VLC 1.3.8

VLCVLC is a media player that was developed by VideoLAN and is available for all platforms ranging Android and iOS to desktop operating systems. Although, more popularly recognised as a video player, VLC also lets users convert media files and download YouTube videos.

Features of VLC 1.3.8

  • It allows video effects such cropping videos, magnifying videos, adjusting images, video rotation, etc. VLC’s Basic tab also allows the user to change the contrast, hue, brightness and make colour adjustments to the images.
  • The user can also indulge in a bit of brainstorming through the Puzzle game option that segregates the video into chunks for the user to solve on the screen of his computer.
  • The Logo tab allows users to watermark their videos with a logo of their choice, thus, copyright the video with their or their organisation’s logo.
  • VLC also has the additional feature of recording videos from our webcam under the Capture Device option in Media Menu.
  • The users can also bookmark their favourite videos and come back to view it later, thus, removing the hours spent on searching for a particular video among the hoard of videos stashed into the computer.
  • The playback and pause feature also enables the user to take a snapshot of a particular frame of the video. User’s can also customise their interface  by changing the layout and controls through the View Menu.

How to download VLC 1.3.8?

VLC for all Android, iOS or desktop operating systems can be downloaded from the given below link.


Download VLC Media Player


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