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VLCWe all love watching videos and listening songs. However, our mood gets spoil when our regular video player annoys us and stops in middle of our favourite video. All we need a good media player to support all type of videos. VLC is the media player that fulfills all of your needs. It supports all formats and provide quality videos and audio.

Updates of VLC 0.8.4

Following updates are done in the VLC 0.8.4-


1- Core support to internal handling strings. It is now based on UTF-8.

2- Added New OSD system in the app.

3- Improvements in DVB support to satellite bands.

4- IPv6 and extended massive support for FTP is provided.

5- Support is provided for RTP packet reordering.

6- Added GnomeVFS input module.

7- Earlier version had a display problem in 1080 HDTV format, which is fixed in this version.

8- New monitor Par option is added now.

9- For headphone channels mixer and dolby, many fixes and new options are added now.

10- New icons of Cone shaped is introduced which is designed by Richard  iestad.

11- New streaming and transcoding wizard is introduced.

12- Added A new bookmark window.

13- Playlist sorting had an issue which is solved now.

14- Drag and drop function is fixed.

How to download VLC 0.8.4?

You can download the media player by clicking the provided download link.

Download VLC


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