Download VLC 0.8.4A

VLCWatching video can be very irritating if it stops again and again. Otherwise, who does not like watching good videos? It keeps us refreshed and happy. Talking about my own experience, whenever my mood turns off, I watch some videos to refresh it up and yes, it works each and everytime I try. But recently, my videos starts stopping in the mid of it which annoys me a lot. Yes, a lot. Then I tried knowing the reason and realized that all I need to have is a good trustworthy media player which supports all sort of files. VLC is one such media player on which you can rely completely and it will not let you down. If you want a good quality audio and video, use VLC. It also supports all the formats due to which it is among the list of top using media players.

Change Logs of VLC 0.8.4A

  • Fixed the a52 over spdif in alsa.
  • Added support for new Cook and BMP
  • Added support for non standard FOURCC’s which is used for H.264/H.263
  • Fixed the bugs along with HE-AAC audio tracks
  • Fixed encoding of H.264/H.263 content while using wizard
  • Fixes HAL to work with new API
  • Avahi 0.6 support
  • UpnP fixes

How to download VLC 0.8.4A?

Looking for how to download VLC? Follow the steps.

  • Download the VLC from given link.
  • Double click the file and open it.
  • Install the file and voila, you’re done.

Download VLC Media Player


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