Download VLC 0.8.5 Test 3

VLCAre you looking for a media player? Want to replace your old media player? Having problem with it? Whatever your problem is VLC is our answer for all of your solutions. VLC is a media player launched by videolan that gives you all of the options, that should be present in an ideal media player. It has millions of users and has never disappoint them in terms of its great service. It supports all of your media formats that your regular player might not support. You can thus, play any format on it without any hassle.

Features of VLC 0.8.5 Test 3

Following features are of VLC player-

  • It is free of cost, you would not have to pay any fees to use it.
  • It has easy interface that let’s you use it easily.
  • It allows you to stream all format of media files.
  • It automatically detects and run audio files.

Updates of VLC 0.8.5 Test 3-

Videolan makes new improvements in all of it’s version. Here are the updates of VLC 0.8.5 Test 3-

  • It has added support to shoutcast TV listings.
  • Support has been provided for adding subtitles on the fly.
  • A problem of MPEG 2 field pictures.

How to download VLC 0.8.5 Test 3?

You can download VLC in your device by just clicking below mentioned button.

Download VLC Media Player


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