Download VLC 0.8.5 Test 4

VLCVLC is a free and most popular multi media player. It has some amazing qualities the reason why it got popular so early. It has some versatile multi format playback capabilities. It supports almost all video and media formats so you can freely search and play anything you want to, not only this that you can play any format but it also allows you to play in incomplete and partial media files so that you can easily check your files before downloading. It is a really simple with easy to use you can use it without any issue. In this multi media player you have the option to drag and drop them to play and open the files. And it also have many navigation buttons that help you to control it like play, pause, skip, stop, speed, volume and many more. A huge variety of skin and customisation features is also available in the player. And not just that you have many sound effects, equaliser through which you can adjust according to your mood. It also gives you a huge variety if range through which you can select easily also add subtitles if needed. At the end it is a very good media player offering you some amazing features of audio and video both.

Updates of VLC 0.8.5 Test 4


  • Statistic system
  • Linux DV input
  • Audio CD improvements
  • Macintel support
  • Loads of bug fixes
  • Widgets improvement
  • New AJAX HTTP interface


How to download?

Click on the download VLC button, after it is finished start installing, agree to the terms and conditions and finish the process. Once its done, you can use it.


Download VLC Media Player


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