Download VLC 0.8.6B

VLCA great multimedia player is everyone’s need because without music or media it is very difficult to pass our day. A great multimedia is needed in order to listen to good music, So here VLC gives you some amazing and interesting features that you will love in a multimedia player. It supports many formats and you don’t need to play selected files, you can play anything you want. And also it has playback features as well. With this VLC player, you can also check the incomplete file, suppose you want to check the quality of the video before downloading it fully you can easily check the incomplete file. It is very easy to use it just like another player. It also has a drag and drop option which makes it very easy to play any file you want. Also with navigation features like play, stop pause, resume such buttons makes it easy to work with a multimedia player. It also offers customization, one can change them accordingly. The sound effect of the media player is also amazing, you will love the sounds and can also change the modes just the way you need. While watching a video you can add subtitles to it which makes it very easy to understand. Overall, it is a great multimedia player which some amazing features, so you must go and check it out.

Features of VLC  0.8.6B


  • Sound effects
  • Playback options
  • Almost all formats supported
  • Drag and Drop option
  • Customization


How to download VLC 0.8.6B


  • Tap on the button.
  • Click on the Apk when the download is finished.
  • Now the installation will start.
  • Agree to all the conditions.
  • Then, Tap finish
  • And you are ready to use VLC.

Download VLC Media Player





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