Download VLC 0.9.4

VLCVLC is an open source free-to-use media player that is available across various platforms. Its ability to play files of any codec or format makes it the most versatile media player available. It is the world’s most popular media player and can play almost all type of content.

Features of VLC 0.9.4

  • VLC does not feature any ads or spyware and does not track the data of the user.
  • VLC can convert any video or audio files to any format.
  • It comes with various addons that can enhance the look and functionality of the player.
  • Users can add watermarks to their videos using VLC’s record feature.
  • It can stream podcasts and radio from the internet and the RSS for your favourite podcasts.
  • Remotely control the playback the media playing on their device through a web browser.
  • Stream content from YouTube and download it.
  • Ability to record a user’s desktop and stream it live on the internet.
  • Allows users to create a custom bookmark on their videos so they can resume watching right where they left it.
  • It also has the ability to apply various effects to the audio and video using the Effects and Filter option.
  • Users can tweak the lineup of the audio and video. It can also crop, rotate or colorise a video.
  • Synchronisation feature allows the user to sync a file’s audio and video.
  • Allows a video to be set as a wallpaper.
  • If a video is recorded via a camcorder or any other device in a different angle, the transform feature allows the user to rotate the video by 90.180 or 270 degrees.

How to download VLC 0.9.4?

Download the world’s most popular video player from the link below:


Download VLC Media Player


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