Download VLC 0.9.6

VLC is introduced by videoLAN, which is free open source portable and it is also a streaming media source. The project is done on the natured devices like androids, IOS, tizen, windows 10 etc. VLC supports to all types of mobiles because it has crossed all platforms and digital distribution platforms like apple app stores and different google play, whereas Microsoft software provides the VLC applications. We can say that it is the one of the largest downloaded media player.

Features of VLC 0.9.6

 According to the supported formats the VLC converts different media files and it has the excellent visualization display with numerous music files.
 By screening recording, screencasts are perfectively implemented by this and it is saved as stream files in the player.
 It supports the flash drive in-order-to install the media player.
 The software which is available in previous Windows operating systems may be used to set the videos in the desktop as wallpaper.
 With high definition, the live streaming is possible in it by taking the help of firewires connections.
 The duplicate records can be made in pc by .exe application in the player for external use.
 The ffmpeg libraries allow and play the flv type files in audio and video formats.
 The file which is named as .iso player, plays video on risk.
 Peer to peer network will play the different types of corrupted and unfinished damaged videos in any cases.
 As it is a packet-based media player it plays all videos which are stored in different files.

How to download VLC 0.9.6

Stream and play all the types of video and audio formats by installing the VLC player in your device by clicking through the link provided in the article.


Download VLC Media Player


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