Download VLC 1.0.0 RC2

VLCVLC is a versatile multi media player. This multi media player is the most popular and power media players. It has some great features and outstanding capabilities. It can run files in various formats. As a multi media player it does it’s job perfectly. This player also supports incomplete media files, you can play and check and media before downloading and it will do that also. It has some great controls which makes it easy to use the device, it has some shortcut buttons to make things easier for you. This media player is easy and simple. Anyone can use it easily. It also has a drag and drop option that makes it easier to play any file you just need to drag and drop the file and it will be added. Moreover it has some amazing customisation options available as well. You can adjust the equalizer as per your need or mood. VLC also gives you option to add subtitles to any movie or video you want. You can play any video or song you want. This is a multi media player which is among the top players, and you will definitely love it once you download it in your device.

Features of VLC 1.0.0 RC2


  • Support many formats
  • Customisation
  • Make Adjustments
  • Versatile
  • Can be run on multiple devices


How to download VLC 1.0.0 RC2?


  • Tap on download button of VLC.
  • And wait for it to finish.
  • When finished, click on the downloaded file.
  • Installation process will start when you click.
  • Now, follow and agree to the conditions on the screen.
  • Tap finish to end the process.
  • And you are done.


Download VLC Media Player


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