Download VLC 1.0.0 RC3

VLCVLC which is a free open source, cross platform media player which is commonly known as VLC was developed by Video Lan project. It supports various audio and video compression methods, file formats, and streaming protocols. It even can stream media computer networks and transcode multimedia files. There exits large number of free encoding and decoding libraries in the default distribution of VLC.

Features of VLC 1.0.0 RC3

  • It can play almost all video content since it is packet based media player. This can convert audio or video files to any format.
  • VLC can even play damaged, incomplete, unfinished files that are still downloading.
  • It can even stream or download YouTube videos.
  • This uses libcdio to access .iso files which provides a facility for the users to play files on disk image.
  • It is available for desktop operating systems and various mobile platforms such as android, iOS, Tizen, windows 10 mobile and windows phone.
  • Also available on appleā€™s app store, google play and Microsoft store.
  • This has some filters that distort, rotate, and mirror videos, create display walls etc. there exists a VLC trick to record any audio or video.
  • This can stream live, unencrypted content to a monitor or HDTV. This also can record your desktop or web cam.
  • It can even display the playing video as the desktop wallpaper and this is available only on windows operating system.
  • We can even add watermarks on videos, and even create bookmarks.

How to download VLC?

Experience best quality of streaming and high definition quality videos by downloading VLC with a click on the link provided.


Download VLC Media Player


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