Download VLC 1.1.3

VLCIf you are looking for a media Player, have you checked VLC yet? VLC is an amazing media player with huge number of users who are fully satisfied with it. It allows you to play any format of audio or video file on it smoothly. It is available without spending any amount, i.e. for free. You can just download and directly use the app. The interface is easy. you won’t get any difficulty while playing your media or accessing the files. You can easily install it at any device as VideoLAN has made it compatible with all devices.

Features of VLC 1.1.3

VLC comes with numerous features that you may find useful. Here is the list of features it has-

  • It plays all type of media format easily without creating any trouble.
  • It is a free app which doesn’t ask you to pay for any subscription.
  • It will not any ad on it.
  • It is capable of converting videos into audio files and can convert any format into the desired one.
  • Users can change the skin of the player. It gives you a set of skins from which choice can be made otherwise themes can be downloaded.
  • It has a widget for audio control as well.

How to download VLC 1.1.3?

Downloading VLC in your device is not difficult. you can download it directly in your device using the download button we have provided below.

Download VLC Media Player


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