Download VLC 1.1.4

VLCNeed a media player to play all weird formats? Then you need VLC media player. VLC is an amazing media player that doesn’t lag in between. Also the most important thing we look into a media player is formats support. VLC supports all kind of formats which makes it feasible for you to play any kind of format on it. This application will get easily downloadable in all type of platforms. Whether its windows, or Android, it easy to install it on every platform. This app is easily available for free of cost.

Features of VLC 1.1.4

Features of VLC are listed below-

  • This app can be downloaded in any of your device.
  • You can play any format you want in VLC.
  • This player allows customisation is skin. You can change the player skin using the preset samples or you may download VLC theme plugins as well.
  • You can play, pause, stop or replay the media file in this player.
  • It also allows you to adjust the volume of the media files.
  • You can view the media files in the file manager it self
  • ┬áThis app is free for use and download.

How to download VLC 1.1.4?

If you want to download VLC in your device also, get it from the below provided button. Download the file and open to install. Once installed you can use it.

Download VLC Media Player


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