Download VLC 1.1.9

VLCWouldn’t you want a media player that doesn’t stuck your media in between? Here we have a good suggestion for you to cope up such problem, and that is VLC media player. This media player is the one of well known and reliable media player available on the internet. You would find it useful even if you want to play the files while downloading. This media player is capable of playing them before you finish downloading. Playing and downloading the file can go simultaneously in this player. Isn’t that amazing? You could get more from this player, which we have listed in features.

Features of VLC 1.1.9

VLC media player has the following features that you may like-

  • This player is available for free of cost which is the most important thing for all of us, as paying for a software time to time can get annoying.
  • It allows you to play audio and video files in it.
  • It has a media library too where you can find the media to play.
  • This app is available for windows, android, Mac and iOS, which makes it easy to download anywhere.
  • You can play the media files which have not got finished downloading yet.
  • This app also plays broken media files.

How to download VLC 1.1.9?

You can download VLC media player in just one click. Here we have provided a button which will take you to a download page. Just choose as per your device and download the VLC file in your device, which you can install.

Download VLC Media Player



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