Download VLC 1.2.5

VLCVLC is a video player that is free for use and a successful multimedia player that plays various formats of videos on the player and gives a very professional outlook to the traditional video. The application is meant for Android and has the complete database, equalizer, and filters which enables various types of audio and video formats. The best part about the application is that it has no advertisements that hamper the viewing experience of the viewer and has a complete hassle free showcase of videos with features that suit the videography of the same.

Features of VLC 1.2.5

There are a number of various features in the application, which makes it so loved and popular amongst people-

1. VLC supports all kinds of video formats, including MKV, MP4, AAC, TS, MOV, AVI, FLACC, M2TS, Wv etc.
2. The application also supports audio in multiple track format and easily makes use of subtitles for a better viewing experience within the application.
3. One can directly browse folders in the VLC library, which is basically a media library, with two distinct separations, one being audio files whereas the second one being the file for video.
4. There are controls for audio, such as cover art, headset control, and a complete audio media library.
5. One can easily adjust volume settings in the application, and as well play the video file from any given point of choice when it comes to viewing.


How to download VLC 1.2.5?

This popular and user-friendly application can be downloaded with simply a click on the link mentioned below.

Download VLC Media Player


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