Download VLC 1.2.9

VLCThe most popular and reliable video playing software called VLC is an amazing application to play videos and view them at the best quality. It is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files without devices, discs and other various networking protocols. VLC is an audio player as well which manages a number of databases. The best thing is that this useful application is absolutely free and one can easily use it as it is user-friendly. There are no advertisements while streaming the videos which does not distract the users from using the best viewing experience.

Features of VLC 1.2.9

There are a number of features of this application-


1. This application can be installed directly from a USB flash drive or any other external drive. It can be extended through scripting with its scripting language.
2. This application can convert media files into a number of supported formats as used in the application.
3. The application can play videos in very high resolution and in a compressed format, saving the space of the device in which it is used and worked.
4. This smart application has inbuilt user-friendly options such as controlling the volume of the video while its playing, playing the video from any point in the video and also applications that enable the video to pause and play on a click of a button.
5. There is an advanced option in the VLC application that helps the user to create desktop streams as screencasts.

How to download VLC 1.2.9?

The application can be downloaded with the help of the link provided below-

Download VLC Media Player


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