Download VLC 1.2.7

VLCWant to play media on your media player without any lags? Or bordered about the formats compatiblity? Then you are at the right place. We have the solution for your problem and that is VLC media player. You would not have to experience lags in media anymore or issue of format compatibility. VLC media player is best one and it would not disappoint you. This media player never lags in between. Whatever file or format you want to play on it, you can easily do as this media player is compatible with all formats of Audio and Video files.

Features of VLC 1.2.7

VLC has many features that you may find useful. Let’s check here what features it has for you-

  • This app is best for those who wants a media player for both Audio and video files, as it plays both type of media.
  • Whatever formats of files you have, this player is able to play all.
  • This app would be able to play the media when downloading it. You would not have to wait till your download completes.
  • It is customisable, as it gives you option to change the background skin. You may download the VLC themes or plugin for that or may put your own images as the background skin.
  • This app is compatible with all platforms.

How to download VLC 1.2.7?

You can download the app from the following link. You would have to install it after the completion of download of the app.

Download VLC Media Player


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