Download VLC 1.5.1

VLCThis handy software is a media server, made for a wide range of platforms. It was developed by the VideoLan project and released in 2001, in the month of February. The software is completely free, open sourced, cross platform media player and is portable, meaning it can
be used in a variety of computer environments. In addition to supporting computers, the application also supports Android and iOS devices, Windows computers and mobile phones. The application basically servers as a compressor for audio and visual files, also serving as a
library, thereby sparing the user the need to transfer these compressed media files to a local drive. The media player supports encrypted DVDs on Mac computers.

Features of VLC 1.5.1

1. The VLC media player supports all audio and visual files, irrespective of them being damaged, incomplete or files
that are still downloading.
2. The player can play files of the extension.MPEG, while they are still being converted to their digital format.
3. It is a free media player that is region free, meaning it is free from a regional lockout, a kind of digital right.
4. It can play videos of various resolutions, including high definition. it has the unique feature of playing a video in the background, as the desktop background itself, while the user is completing other tasks.
5. The media player supports third party applications very well and does not pose any security or privacy concerns.
6. The player can either be downloaded from various sources or be installed in a computer directly from a hard drive like a USB flash drive.

How to download VLC 1.5.1?

To download the VLC in your device you would need to click below-


Download VLC Media Player


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