Download VLC 1.5.7

VLCVLC media player provides a cross-platform multimedia and framework. It is free and open source, portable developed by the VideoLAN project, it is available for desktop operating and also for Android devices. It also supports many audios and videos.Here are few features of this application:

Features of VLC 1.5.7

 It is a packet based media player so it plays almost all video content.
 It can also play if they are damaged, incomplete or unfinished.
 It can also play high definition recordings.
 It can display the playing video as desktop wallpaper.
 It can also record the desktop and save the stream as a file.
VLC can be installed or run directly from the USB flash drive or any other external drive.
 It can generate a number of music visualizations displays.
 It has ability to convert media files into various supported formats.
 It can also stream on download the video from YouTube.
 It can capture a screenshot through VLC trick.
 It can also create bookmarks.
 You can also set video as a wallpaper through VLC trick.
 With its ability to play almost any codec or format, it is no surprise that it has become the world’s biggest open source media player.
 It can also record your webcam.
 You can add effects to your audio or video to make it more attractive and interesting.
 It can also play internet radio and subscribe to podcasts.
 The feature which makes VLC different from other apps probably is it can play video as ASCII characters.

How to download VLC 1.5.7

To download this app just click on the link given below.


Download VLC Media Player


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