Download VLC 1.5.8

VLCVLC is a framework that supports playing of multimedia files, DVD, CD, VCD, and many
streaming protocols. It was developed by VideoLAN which is a project and non-profitable organisation. It is a free and open-source platform with high-quality performance.VLC is not just a media player but it is equipped with 100’s of useful features.

Features of VLC 1.5.8

  • MediaPlayer-It plays DVDs, Files, Webcams, Devices, Streams, and CDs.It is a single platform for all
    your media needs.
  • Platform Friendly-It works smoothly on Windows, Linux, Android, Unix, Mac-OS, iOS and all other
  • Audio/Video Recording-Videos and audios can be recorded in the high-quality with VLC media player.
  • Screen Record-Some important videos do not provide downloading feature. In that case, VLC will help you with its screen record feature.
  • WebCam Recording-It helps you to capture special moments and save them.WebCam can be recorded in high-resolution.
  • Add Watermark-If you are preparing a video for posting into youtube, facebook etc and you want to add watermark, you can do this with VLC.
  • Screenshots-You can take a snapshot of your screen anytime with VLC.
  • Audio/Video Editing- Quality, brightness, resolution and timing, all can be adjusted in a video. Audio can also be edited with VLC media player.
  • Bookmark- You can bookmark your video anywhere in between, save it and can resume it later.

How to download VLC 1.5.8?

To download the app in your device, click on the below provided link. Open the app after downloading and install it in your device.

Download VLC Media Player


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