Download VLC 1.5.9

VLCThis software is a handy tool, used by many as a cross platform media player. This means that it functions on various platforms without any trouble, for example, it functions on personal computers and mobile devices alike. It is supported by Android, iOS, and windows. The media player is free of cost, open sourced and as mentioned, cross-platformed and portable. The software is a compression tool. A compression tool is a software that reduces the number of bits used by a program without affecting the size of the content in it. It was developed by the company VideoLan and released for users in the year 2001. The media player allows users to download content and serves as a library as well. The application is free and very user- friendly which has resulted in its popularity.

Features of VLC 1.5.9

1. It is free and supported by Android, iOS and Windows operating system.
2. It plays all kinds of media content, by converting them into video and audio files. It can play incomplete
and broken files. It is also capable of playing files that are still in the process of being downloaded.
3. It can convert files of a different extension, into their digitized version. The user can monitor this process and
even play the files as the process progresses.
4. The media player is capable of playing videos of various resolutions, suiting the desire of the user.
5. It acts as a library for the media content, therefore sparing the user the need for a local drive.
6. The application sometimes makes use of third party applications.

How to download VLC 1.5.9?

To download VLC in your device click below-


Download VLC Media Player


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