Download VLC 1.6.2

VLCVLC is a multi-format media player used for playing video and music files. It is an open source cross-platform that supports several streaming etiquettes and multimedia archives. This app claims to be one of the simple, fast and influential media player among the users. It acts as a media converter and streamer for most of the platforms like Windows and Mac. Being the most popular player, it supports 48 languages across all the platforms. It has plenty of options for music visualization that can play incomplete and broken files as well. This app does not require any peripheral program to work efficiently.

Features of VLC 1.6.2

VLC has these following features in it –

  • VLC can covert and play video and audio files to different formats.
  • Users can listen to stream podcasts on VLC without any requirement of additional software.
  • Internet audios can also be heard via VLC media platform.
  • VLC is featured with custom bookmark so that users can resume the video later.

How to download VLC 1.6.2?

  • The user should click Download VLC Button located below.
  • .exe file at the download window of the browser should be clicked to start the installation process.
  • On the installation window, the user will be prompted to select the appropriate language for usage of VLC Player, and then proceed by clicking OK.
  • On the final set up page, the user should click “Run VLC Media Player”, and then clicking the Finish button.

Following above steps you can install the app and enjoy it.


Download VLC Media Player


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