Download VLC 1.6.3

VLCVLC is a media player which can be used to play any format of media on any device. VideoLan has developed VLC media player. This player is available for free.

Features of VLC 1.6.3

  • Can be compressed and enlarged to the power of infinity via plugins which are downloadable.
  • At times, we are clueless as to how to play the illegally available latest movie which you downloaded via BitTorrent because it is in MPEG format. You don’t need to sink into your bean bag and think a lot because VLC media player will allow you to play the movie unperturbedly.
  • Stream/download video-Streaming video in VLC has many special features. The speed of the video can be
    adjusted with VLC. It also helps with video downloading. Downloading video is very easy and involves only copy pasting of URL.
  • Full-Screen mode-While enjoying movies with family/friends you can opt “set as wallpaper” mode and your movie will be displayed on full screen.
  • Multiple instance-Many videos can be played at a time with VLC. All videos share a common screen.
  • Internet radio and podcast-If you are having the internet accessibility, then you are no way away from enjoying radio and podcast with VLC media player. It provides distortion-free radio and podcast facility.
  • Jigsaw puzzle-You can also enjoy gaming with VLC. It can create a jigsaw puzzle of your favorite video’s part.
  • Free-The best thing about VLC is that you get all the above features free of cost. It has no ads, no spyware, and no user tracking.

How to download VLC 1.6.3?

To download click below-


Download VLC Media Player


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