Download VLC 1.7.0

VLCThe VLC media player is a cross platform media player which was developed by the VideoLan. The media player supports all the video and audio formats such as mp4, mp3, mpeg, mkv etc. and is the most used video player in the world. It is available on the operating systems such as windows, ubuntu, mac, linux, android and iOS. The media player is available in 48 different languages. It was released in February 2001. The playlist can be set according to the user and the songs can be played continuously without any hesitation and disturbance. There are many sound effects available in the VLC and the effect can be set by the user. There are many shortcuts in the VLC media player which can ease the use of the player by just giving commands. The app has user friendly interface and can be used by anyone. The media player has got many good reviews and is the best rated media player in the world.

Features of VLC 1.7.0

1. The VLC can play any type of audio, video and stream file.
2. There is no harm such as spyware and viruses and is free from advertisements.
3. The subtitles for any movie can be attached and watched using the app.
4. The screenshot feature present in the VLC allows you to take the screenshot from the video.
5. The video speed can be changed and can be watched at fast or slower speeds.


How to download VLC 1.7.0?

To download the app, click on the given below link-

Download VLC


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