Download VLC 1.6.9

VLCVLC is a free and open source, portable, cross platform media and streaming media application, it supports many audio, video compression methods, it is able to stream media over computer networks and to transcode multimedia files.

Features of VLC 1.6.9

Below are the features of VLC media player:

  • VLC is a packet based media player because it plays almost all video content, it is capable of playing the file even if it is damaged, incomplete or unfinished.
  • It supports all videos and audios formats and VLC can playback any file you throw you to it.
  • It is one of the free software DVD players and it can play high definition recordings.
  • It can convert audio files or any video files to any format.
  • The app is capable of stream or download the YouTube videos.
  • The app uses its VLC trick to record an audio or video that are currently playing on your devices and it can be saved in the folders separately.
  • VLC has ability to function as a desktop and webcam recorder.
  • You can use print screen mode to capture screenshots of a video.
  • You can even create book marks so that you will be able to know which video you have already played and which are not.
  • The app uses its VLC trick again to set Video as a wallpaper. Now you will be able to see your favourite video playing as a wallpaper.
  • The app can add watermarks and other editing filter on the videos to make it more interesting.

How to download VLC 1.6.9?

To download the amazing app click on the link given below!

Download VLC Media Player


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