Download VLC 1.7.5

VLCThe VLC media player is an open-source, free, and highly portable multimedia player and streaming medium developed by VideoLAN. VLC media player is immensely popular and has become the topmost choice among users. The VLC media player is free and supports almost all file formats. It contains the majority of the codecs and additional codecs can be installed since it is open source software. It comes heavily packed with features which include taking snapshots, adjusting playback speeds, playing ZIP files without individual extraction and so on. Users can also add extra features by downloading plugins.

Features of VLC 1.7.5

  • Although it is termed as a “Media Player”, users have a lot of options like playback, recording, and streaming.
  • It has a very minimalistic interface even though it has a heavy arsenal of features which makes VLC Media Player simple and powerful.
  • VLC Media Player is a “packet-based” media player as it plays almost all video content even if the video is not fully downloaded which other media players do not offer.
  • Media Player has a volume threshold of 200%.
  • You can convert Audio files to Video files and vice versa.
  • The Player has filters that can distort, isolate, split, de-interlace, and mirror videos.
  • It can record video and audio snippets from an ongoing media content being played at that time.
  • It can search for album covers.
  • VLC Media Player need not be transferred into the hard-disc and can be directly played from a USB drive.
  • It is supported in all Operating systems.

How to download VLC 1.7.5?

To download the VLC app, click on the given below link-


Download VLC


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