Download VLC 1.7.8

VLCVLC or also popularly known as the VLC Media Player has everything in the media content that you might be looking for. It is a media – player that supports in playing most of the media content; mainly the video content. It also continues to function even if you come across a video that is damaged or incomplete. VLC is the leading media – player in the market, it also has the maximum number of satisfied users and claims to give the best user- experience. It also supports HD viewing for its users and does not compromise on its video quality.

Features of VLC 1.7.8

  • Supports the playing of High Definition media content.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Supports all kind of formats.
  • Easy integration with web services and other streaming services.
  • Plays all types of media content on any platform.
  • Available for free.Easy to download.
  • Plays most of the multimedia files.
  • Plays CDs, DVDs, Audio CDs etc.
  • Can convert videos to any format.
  • Can also act as a graphic equalizer for your music.
  • Audio Normalization feature available to improve your hearing experience and also protect yourself from any possible ear damage.
  • Supports the playing of internet radio and podcasts.
  • Looping a section of a video or an audio file possible.
  • Add ons possible.

How to download VLC 1.7.8?

Download VLC from here.

Download VLC


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