How to go Frame by frame in VLC

VLCVLC is a multimedia player application efficient to play videos of any format. It can even play odd encrypted files on any device. VLC offers their users a Frame by Frame feature that enables device to play through a video one step at one time. There are two simple ways users can use to move one frame ahead at the time.

  • Shortcut Key: it is a simple method users can use. Whether video is playing or pausing in the device user can get frame by frame feature after hitting Hotkey. Users need to press ā€˜Eā€™ to pause the video while playing. E is the default hotkey for Frame by frame option. Hitting ā€˜Eā€™ for couple of time will lead the accurate place in media. Users can edit shortcut option by going to Tools>Preferences and then the user need to switch hotkeys tab. Entering Frame on the search result will
    lead users to get the option easily.
  • Advanced Controls: here users can go to view menu to turn on the Frame by Frame button after clicking the advanced control option. Users need to press the last button in the advanced control option as soon as they notice another line of player control seems in the default set of media control keys to access the Frame by Frame feature on their device. If the user is facing trouble to find the button on advanced control interface, then they can add the option by using Tools > Customize Interface feature.

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