How to control VLC media player using WebOS Phone?

VLCVLC media player is a popular media playing application for both macOS and WebOs that can virtually play any kind of media file whether it be in WMV file or mp4 file. Because of this VLC media is popular program that plays almost any kind of file. But if you want to control VLC media player from your phone like LG webOS and Open webOs phones, follow the following steps.

Steps :
 Firstly , you need to download VLC media player on your computer. You can also download
from the link
 Now, go to play store and search for VLC remote. You will get two options – vlc media remote for $5 and vlc remote lite for free.
 Paid version gives full amount of features usage as it isn’t that much amount.
 Download it. After downloading, you need to set it up by opening the application on your phone and then will prompt you to search vlc on your computer.
 You need to put in your email address and password.
 They will need you an email regarding downloading the vlc setup.
 So, just go ahead and open it. A VLC setup icon will be downloaded and after that you will see vlc will prompt VLC remote helper.
 Click to set it up . Once it will set up, it will also read the setup pf vlc remote on your phone.
 Now, go ahead and open the vlc application on your phone and select vlc icon on your computer.


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