How to stream from VLC to Chromecast

VLCVlc media player is an application with which yu can play all type of medias in your device. All formats are supported on this application. The app has many important tools that help in using most of it. The application can be connected to many other applications. One of them is chromecast. Now, VLC has started supporting Chromecast application and thus it allows you to stream from vLC to chromecast. Using this facility you can easily cast the media on your TV and watch it whenever you want.

How to stream VLC to chromecast?

The steps to stream VLC to chromecast has been discussed through the below given steps. lets begin-

  • The first thing you would need to ensure is that the PC and Chromecast you are using should be working on the same Wifi.
  • Make sure that your Chromecast is working fine.
  • Now open VLC player in your Windows. You would need to make sure that you are using VLC of 3.0. version as only that version provides you this feature to connect the chromecast to VLC.
  • Now click on Payback.
  • Move your mouse over Renderer, It will show you the list of all available chromecast devices.
  • Choose the device you prefer to connect with your VLC.
  • It will connect your VLC to chromecast. Now play the media file you want to cast on TV.
  • The VLC would be required to allow through the Windows Firewall in order to make it work on Windows.

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