How to use VLC as an image and Photo Slideshow Viewer

VLCVLC is a media player with which you can play all type of media in your system But, you can also use VLC as a photo slideShow Viewer. Here are the methods explained-

Methods to Use VLC as an Image and Photo Slideshow Viewer

Method 1-

To make VLC as image and photo slideshow Viewer you can simply drag the images and drop to the VLC;s interface or to the playlist using CTRL+L Window. This can be done for a single or multiple photos.


Method 2-

Where the users have a multiple files to be slideshow. As it is a collection of multiple files, drage and drop method would not work here. Users would need to manually select the images and drop it to vlc playlist. In short, users would need to select jpg files manually and drop them.

Method 3-

You can also use CTRL+O(open) method to open all media of your computer. After opening this window, browse the files. There is a drop down available saying media files. In this drop down choose all files. It will show all files including .jpg. Now you can select the jpg files and drop them to VLC.

Changing 10 seconds per Photo Limit

By default the time limit is set to 10 seconds to show each image on the slideshow. But fif you want to change this limit follow these steps-

  • Go to Tools and then Preferences.
  • To open Advanced preferences, click on All.
  • Now go to Input Codecs>Demuxers>Image
  • Change the time duration from 10 seconds to your preferred one.
  • Click Save.

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