Download VLC 0.8.5

VLCVideolan had given us a very useful product which is VLC. With millions of users around the world, VLC is considered as the one of the top media players. Video and Audio of all formats are supported by the application which makes your work easy. If you are searching for a good mwdiy player, try VLC once.

Features of VLC 0.8.5

The media player VLC have lots of useful features that are quite fascinating. Here are the features of VLC 0.8.5-

  • The application supports all video and audio formats. So if you have certain format that you are not able to play anywhere it will play your video or audio easily.
  • If you are thinking that it will ask you to play for subscription, then don’t worry it won’t. It is a free application which you can play and use all of its features without spending anything.
  • It allows you to change the boring skin of the player. It will not let you get bored of same background of media player.
  • It has different graphics for streaming audio.
  • It provides good video quality.
  • It can convert videos into the desired formats including MP3.

Change logs of VLC 0.8.5

Videolan has been continuously serving its customers with upgraded features and improvements. Here are the change logs of VLC 0.8.5-

  • Minor fixes to the bugs.
  • Minor tweaks.

How to download VLC 0.8.5?

Downloading the application would require you to click on the given button to start. Once downloaded, install the file and enjoy your videos.

Download VLC Media Player


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