Download VLC 0.8.6 Test 1

VLCHave you got bored with your old media player? Have you ever checked how many formats does it support? Possibly you too are tensed because of less support of your media player. Here you need a solution like VLC media player. VLC is a popular media player, may be you already have heard about it. It is popular because it provides best features in industry. You will never get disappointed with it. Renowned VLC supports all formats even those you have rarely heard of.

Features of VLC 0.8.6 Test 1-

Following are the features of VLC 0.8.6 Test 1-

  • The media player is available for free, this would not ask you for any charges. It doesn’t have any hidden cost too.
  • VLC allows you to change the skin of background. You can set your preferred background skin and change it as often you want.
  • It supports all the formats of your audios and videos.
  • It is capable of converting the formats of your media, for instance if you want to convert any video to MP3, it would do it for you.
  • It gives you all options including Play, pause, stop, restart.

How to download VLC 0.8.6 Test1  media player?

VLC media player is as easy to download as its usage is. You can download the app from the given button.

Download VLC Media Player


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