Download VLC 1.6.8

VLCThe VLC media player was developed by VideoLan in the year 2001. The app supports over 48 languages from all over the world. The media player is available for many operating systems such as Windows, Android, ios, Mac and linux. It supports the compression of videos and audios into small files for limiting the storage use. The VLC is the most used and downloaded media player in the world. It supports different formats of video and audio such as MP4, MPEG, MKV, MP3, WAV etc. The software was written in C and C++ languages. The user interface of the VLC is friendly and almost all the users can operate it easily. It consists of many shortcuts inbuilt that eases the use of the media player. The VLC has got millions of good reviews and is the best media player till date.

Features of VLC 1.6.8

1. The main feature of the VLC media player is it can play any type of audio, video and stream files.
2. The app has the feature of converting the files to different formats which it supports.
3. This media player has the feature of streaming the media from the internet.
4. The screenshot feature present in the VLC allows you to take a screenshot from any video.
5. The VLC has the feature of different audio effects and visualizations which give a better look.

How to download VLC 1.6.8?

To download VLC in your device, you would need to click on the below provided link.


Download VLC Media Player


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