How to use Subtitles in VLC?

VLCSubtitles have taken the movie-watching experience to a new level. Now we can watch movies of languages that we don’t understand by following the subtitles. Moreover, subtitles help us to learn foreign languages. Even if we know the language of the film, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand due to factors like unclear audio, accent or the speed of dialogue delivery. Thus the subtitle websites are a big hit. Today it is natural to download subtitles along with movies.

How to add subtitles?

To add subtitles manually in VLC media player, follow the steps below:


● Firstly, download the subtitle (SRT) file from the Internet which has good audio-subtitle synchronization with the film. There are plenty of websites where you can get quality subtitles like Subscene, Open-subtitles, TV-subs, Yify subtitles.
● Play the video and go to “Subtitles” on the top or by simply right-clicking on the screen and click on “Add subtitles” and select the SRT file that you have downloaded from the Internet.


Drag the subtitle file and Drop it on the VLC media player while the film is being played. You will see the subtitles appearing on the bottom of the screen.

If the subtitle is not synchronized with the audio, then follow the steps below to fix it:

● Go to “Tools” on the top toolbar.
● Click on “Track synchronization”.
● Select the “Subtitle Track Synchronization” tab and adjust the audio-subtitle synchronization as needed.
● To customize the font, color, position or size of the subtitles hop on to the following steps:

● Go to “Tools” on the top toolbar.
● Select “Preferences”.
● Upon the arrival of the Preference window, click on the Subtitles/OSD tab.
● Customize the font, size, position, color or border of the subtitle according to your choice.
● Click Okay.
● Enjoy the film with your subtitles all decked up.


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