How to Play Video on XBox and XBox 360?

VLCVideos being the best form of infotainment are preferred worldwide by the internet users. But in this web of variety of devices that are on offer these days for video playback, compatibility has been a big issue. Certain devices can play certain videos formats which other devices cannot. VlC media player’s convert option is the answer to all such issues. VLC is a media player that can let us to play different media of different formats on this software. This article will guide you to convert videos so as to play in Xbox or Xbox 360. Xbox usually supports mpeg4 format.

How to convert Videos for XBox?

The steps are as follows-

  • Open vlc player on media and then select convert/save
  • select video to be converted by clicking add button
  • click on convert
  • select file name for converted video and select the file destination
  • select video format as mpeg4
  • clicking on tool icon, users can make selections for supported audio and video codecs from the list and it will provide easy access to the personalized settings like audio quality frame rate resolution and
    bit rate.
  • Click on start. This is the easiest way available to convert videos to your desired format. There are many more formats to which videos can be converted into.

The VLC 360 is the features started by VLC to play the computer’s media on XBOX and Xbox 360. This is available for Windows and Mac. This can be directly used if the computer is connected at the same time.


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