How to use VLC Media Player for transcription in Linux?

VLCFor streaming online videos on Linux with VLC, it is mandatory to download vlc media player. VLC media player is a versatile  platform to watch online videos altogether.

Steps to use VLC media Player for transcription in Linux:

  • First step is to download all the dependencies
  • Then go to vlc media player, and check whether the remote control interface is enabled  and now go and drop that menu down and click RC > fake TTY and enter in in home.
  • Type VLC trancy/VLC.stock and next step is to create a directory .
  • Now, go to menu and open terminal in the same folder as your downloaded file.
  • Now copy this file, but make sure that it is executable .
  • Copy your VLC trend to home directory VLC.
  • Next step is to open your keyboard settings and it will be very similar to the documentation , you can see couple of set used i.e windows key and space key for pause and play and control key for jumping back or rewind.
  • When transcribing, there is no need of other functionality .
  • If you want to forward the audio , add shortcut/user /VLC Trancy/VLC trancy dump.
  • Now, save it as ctrl+alt+Shift left .
  • You may need to restart your VLC and go to open > recent files.
  • You can check whether it is playing .
  • You can use the super keys on the keyboard to give command in your video.
  • You can also use the same commands  in the different videos also.


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