Download VLC 1.2.5

VLCVLC is a video player that is free for use and a successful multimedia player that plays various formats of videos on the player and gives a very professional outlook to the traditional video. The application is meant for Android and has the complete database, equalizer, and filters which enables various types of audio and video formats. The best part about the application is that it has no advertisements that hamper the viewing experience of the viewer and has a complete hassle free showcase of videos with features that suit the videography of the same.

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Download VLC 1.1.9

VLCWouldn’t you want a media player that doesn’t stuck your media in between? Here we have a good suggestion for you to cope up such problem, and that is VLC media player. This media player is the one of well known and reliable media player available on the internet. You would find it useful even if you want to play the files while downloading. This media player is capable of playing them before you finish downloading. Playing and downloading the file can go simultaneously in this player. Isn’t that amazing? You could get more from this player, which we have listed in features.

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Download VLC 1.1.8

VLCNeed a good media player? Our choice always had been VLC media player, and we would recommend that to you too. This media player has not only won our hearts but has got millions of users around the world which have now became loyal fans. You could seriously check that popularity in the Google play account. This app is multi device app, which means it supports different platforms and you would be thus able to download it in any of your device. VLC media player is thankfully a free app and therefore you would se wenever have to empty your pockets for paying huge subscription fees.

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Download VLC 1.1.4

VLCNeed a media player to play all weird formats? Then you need VLC media player. VLC is an amazing media player that doesn’t lag in between. Also the most important thing we look into a media player is formats support. VLC supports all kind of formats which makes it feasible for you to play any kind of format on it. This application will get easily downloadable in all type of platforms. Whether its windows, or Android, it easy to install it on every platform. This app is easily available for free of cost.

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Download VLC 1.1.3

VLCIf you are looking for a media Player, have you checked VLC yet? VLC is an amazing media player with huge number of users who are fully satisfied with it. It allows you to play any format of audio or video file on it smoothly. It is available without spending any amount, i.e. for free. You can just download and directly use the app. The interface is easy. you won’t get any difficulty while playing your media or accessing the files. You can easily install it at any device as VideoLAN has made it compatible with all devices.

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Download VLC 1.1.2

VLCVLC is a media player that you might be looking for. It is one of the popular media players available and always been on the top. Millions of users are using this app satisfactorily. The reason is that VideoLAN never leaves any chance to update the app with bug fixes and new features. This app is thus considered the best media player. This app allows you to play any type of media you want. Whether it is an audio file or any video, you are able to play it without any problem on this app.

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Download VLC 1.1.1

VLCWant to download media player which can support all your media? Then you should go for VLC media player. VLC is a media player that is compatible for all the audio and video formats. It is designed by VideoLAN. The player is able to play the unfinished media means which is still in the downloading process. If your Audio or video file is incomplete or broken, you can still play them on this player. This is a renown media player. It allows users to access it on any device they want.

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Download VLC 1.1.0

VLCFrom last 10 years, VLC has been serving us with it amazing service. VideoLAN has launched this product in the year 2001, Since then it has become the number 1 player. VLC media player is an audio video player which supports maximum formats easily. This quality of the app makes it stand out in the race of winner app.  It allows you to play media without any interruption. If You are also searching for a nice media player, we would recommend VLC to you. This is an easy to use media player. This player can be downloaded in any of your devices easily.

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Download VLC 1.1.0 RC1

VLC is a media player, which is popular for its amazing service. It has satisfied millions of users and made them loyal ones. VLC let’s you play any type of Video and audio files successfully. You would not have to bother about the media formats anymore as it supports almost all formats. VideoLan has designed the VLC app for all platforms, hence you can download it in your PCs and phones without any problem. the company always keeps it updated and free from bugs which makes it more usable. This app is available for free and all of its services are free.

Features of VLC 1.1.0 RC1

VLC has the following features-

  • It allows you to play videos and audios on the player.
  • It can convert media into different formats.
  • It allows customization, in which you can change the skin of the player. You can also download the theme of VLC to change skins.
  • It has play, pause, resume and stop options as well.
  • It shows the media library in an organised way where you can sort and find your media easily.
  • It can play all quality of media in the player.
  • It can even play the unfinished media.

How to download VLC 1.1.0 RC1?

You can download this media player easily with few clicks. Just click the below given button and install it in your device.

Download VLC Media Player

Download VLC 1.0.5

VLCDo you often get stuck while playing any video? Well, it happens with most of us. Sometimes we open a video to watch but it doesn’t work properly. And in such case, what can we do? Well, the answer is easy, you need to download the app VLC. It is a video media player which would allow you to play the video properly. It works with Windows. With the help of this app VLC, you can also play the embedded videos of any site. The best part is that it is free of cost so anyone can use the app by just downloading it. Not only videos but you can also play the audio files through the app.  Continue reading