How to create mosaic in vlc media player?

VLCVLC media player allows to create mosaic by mixing three to four videos together and resulting to a video network and play them at once. You can play two different files or in two different video player. But this usually is time consuming and very tedious job. But with the help of vlc media player installed on your system. It allows you to run multiple instances of application in a time.

How to create?

 You need to do is change a single settings from the preferences.
 To do this, open VLC media player.
 Click on tools menu, and now click on preferences.
 From the interface menu, uncheck the both options , “Allow only one instance”, and “Use only one instance when started form the file manager”.
 That’s it! Now open multiple video files from file explorer, and you will have multiple instances of VLC running alongside.
 Either snap them side by side or right click on the taskbar, and click “ show side by side”.
 You can also pin the VLC media player to the taskbar , and then, to rum more than one instance of the VLC right from the taskbar, hold down shift key, and then click VLC player.
 Shift click of the VLC right from the taskbar, hold down shift key, and then click VLC Player .
 Shift click to allow you to run multiple instances of the applications, that are pinned to your taskbar.
 Hope you liked the little trick to create a mosaic.

How to control VLC media player using WebOS Phone?

VLCVLC media player is a popular media playing application for both macOS and WebOs that can virtually play any kind of media file whether it be in WMV file or mp4 file. Because of this VLC media is popular program that plays almost any kind of file. But if you want to control VLC media player from your phone like LG webOS and Open webOs phones, follow the following steps.

Steps :
 Firstly , you need to download VLC media player on your computer. You can also download
from the link
 Now, go to play store and search for VLC remote. You will get two options – vlc media remote for $5 and vlc remote lite for free.
 Paid version gives full amount of features usage as it isn’t that much amount.
 Download it. After downloading, you need to set it up by opening the application on your phone and then will prompt you to search vlc on your computer.
 You need to put in your email address and password.
 They will need you an email regarding downloading the vlc setup.
 So, just go ahead and open it. A VLC setup icon will be downloaded and after that you will see vlc will prompt VLC remote helper.
 Click to set it up . Once it will set up, it will also read the setup pf vlc remote on your phone.
 Now, go ahead and open the vlc application on your phone and select vlc icon on your computer.

How to setup a video on demand on dreambox using VLC?

VLCOne can re -stream the channel via dreambox on vlc media player. For this, you are required to have the latest version of vlc media player with http interface and vim component. Using this , channels will not stream slowly. One can stream different channels on vlc by entering into dreambox and opening the web interface and selecting their favourite channel . These channel can directly be streamed on vlc media player by using vlc media interface on the dreambox web interface.


 You will need is dream box.
 Go to web browser and search for vlc on pc and download it.
 Now, look in the ip address of dream box.
 Now, copy the same ip address and paste in on any web browser.
 Now fill in the user and password for default.
 Now, an authentication is required which may include filling up user name and password.
 By default, the user will be root and password will be dreambox.
 Now, a web interface will pop up.
 This interface will consists of various channels and you can actually pick from those channels.
 Double click for picking up the channel.
 Now, click on vlc player and now open the channel with vlc media player.
 You can see the channel will start streaming pn the vlc player.
 Now, you can try another channel and perform the same steps.
 In this way, you can play any channel of your choice on vlc media player

How to Save Bookmarks in VLC Media Player?

VLCBookmarks are the best way to navigate to your desired position. You can mark bookmarks on wherever you have stopped, whatever favorite page you like or on your important. By doing these bookmarks you can directly navigate into the position what you have marked and play the video or audio from there. These bookmarks not only reduces your time but also makes your work very simple and efficient as soon as possible by doing multiple book marking. VLC media player enables you to bookmarking in your videos or audios in multiple places easily.

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How to Play Video on XBox and XBox 360?

VLCVideos being the best form of infotainment are preferred worldwide by the internet users. But in this web of variety of devices that are on offer these days for video playback, compatibility has been a big issue. Certain devices can play certain videos formats which other devices cannot. VlC media player’s convert option is the answer to all such issues. VLC is a media player that can let us to play different media of different formats on this software. This article will guide you to convert videos so as to play in Xbox or Xbox 360. Xbox usually supports mpeg4 format.

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How to use Subtitles in VLC?

VLCSubtitles have taken the movie-watching experience to a new level. Now we can watch movies of languages that we don’t understand by following the subtitles. Moreover, subtitles help us to learn foreign languages. Even if we know the language of the film, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand due to factors like unclear audio, accent or the speed of dialogue delivery. Thus the subtitle websites are a big hit. Today it is natural to download subtitles along with movies.

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How to control VLC from an android device?

VLCIf you want to control VLC from any android device, first you have to install VLC direct. Then you should see a launcher for VLC Direct on your home screen, in your App Drawer, or in both spots. Tap the launcher to open the app for setup.

Setting up a VLC on your android device:

1. Open the VLC Direct app on your Android device.
2. From the main window tap the Menu button; three vertical dots in the top right corner, and select Settings.
3. In the Settings window , tap HTTP Password.
4. In the password popup window, enter the password you saved on VLC on your PC and tap OK.
5. Tap the Manual Configuration and enter the IP address of your VLC host and leave the port set at 8080.

Making the connection:

1. From your PC, start playing media from VLC.
2. Once the media is playing, open VLC Direct on your Android device and tap Automatic Connection Wizard.
3. Tap Start and the app will discover your running instance of VLC and connect.
4. When the connection is made, at the top of the app, you’ll see Target: Android. Tap that until it changes to Target.
5. Tap the Pause or Stop button to control the media.
6. For more controls, tap the Menu button to reveal Previous, Next, Video Size, and more.

You will now able to control your VLC-played multimedia from your Android device.

How to play video on iPod?

VLCYou just can’t deny the fact that sometimes converting audio and video to some other format becomes one of the difficult task. We use different software to do the job and frankly speaking they do it diligently. The worst part comes at the time of installing these free software. Different pop ups appear to install different kinds of other tools claiming to speed-up the PC and different kind of browser extensions to your computer. You will be amazed to know that you can convert your audio or video file to any format using VLC. You can convert your media file into different formats with few simple steps.

Below are the steps involved:
Step 1: Firstly you have to Open Convert or Save option; Then open VLC media player and go to Media; then; Convert/Save
Step 2: Second step is to Select a file to convert. To do that Click Add and select the file you want to convert. Now click
on Convert/save button to proceed with video to audio.
Step 3: Thirdly, you have to Select correct format; Now select a format you want to convert in by clicking on the drop-down menu available next to the Profile.
Step 4: Lastly, Start the conversion; Now select a destination and click on Start.

Make sure to pick the right format for your device on which you are going to play the converted content. If the video is large, you’ll see the timer on the player progress as it encodes to the new format. if you want to play the video on iPod then you have to pick the format for iPod, i.e., iPod SD, iPod HD.*