How to change Aspect Ratio in VLC Media Player

VLCThe VLC Media Player is an immensely popular software. It has tons of features to satisfy its users completely. It offers a variety in downloading and streaming of different videos. Also, above all this it is completely free, supports multiple file formats, you can also optimize videos and audios. It also has a simple user- interface to understand and work with. It also searches for covers online that you wish to look for. It is the best option out there in terms of media player.

How to change the aspect ratio in VLC Media Player?

A distorted screen or a video really is irritating. It degrades the overall experience of the watching anything on VLC or on any of the media players.
Luckily, It provides an option for the customization of the aspect ratio in VLC. All you have to do is follow some simple steps in order to change the aspect ratio of the video that you are watching in VLC.

Here, are some of the steps to follow :
1. Go to the menu bar.
2. Choose the video option in the menu bar.
3. Then go to the Aspect Ratio.
4. In the Aspect Ratio sub menu, you will find several different dimensional options.
5. Choose the one that suits according to your need.


Or you could follow the steps given below :

  • Right click on the video that is playing.
  • You will find the Aspect Ratio option.
  • From the sub menu of the Aspect Ratio, choose the dimensional setting that suits according to your need.
  • Or you could simply press the shortcut button A and the dimensions of the screen will change accordingly. Keep pressing A till you come across the suitable dimension of the video.

How to Convert Videos into Audio Format in VLC Media Player

VLCIn todays time it is so easy to have access and download the music and videos from the internet, but there is one feature which is always prove as the most important one and that is converting from one format to another format. Sometimes we need to just extract the audio from the video and to do this we have to use this feature of converting from one format to another. In the field of video-player we all know the one big name and that is VLC media player which helps us to play different format of audios, videos without any issues and if we talk about the conversion of format VLC media player also provide us this feature to convert the videos into the audio format. We can do it by following steps:

  • First of all we have to open the interface of the VLC media player and then have to click on “Media” option present on the toolbar and then drop down menu will get open, from there we have to select “Convert/Save” option.
  • After clicking on it the window will appear , on this window there is one option as “Add” we have to select that option and then the browse screen will get open. From that browse screen we have to select the video that we want to convert.
  • After selecting the video , click on the “Convert/ Save” option.
  • Under setting there is options which ask us into which format we want to convert the video select the mp3 option.
  • After that give the destination file name by clicking on the “Browse” option and start the process It will convert the video into the audio format.

Audio Visualization in VLC media player

VLCThe graphical representation of the shapes and sounds on the screen while the audio plays in the background of the VLC Media Player. When you play some song in the Media Player and it has no video; then the Media Player will display a black screen to you. However, if you happen to turn on the Audio Visualizations option then there will be different arrangements of the motifs on the screen with multiple colours that will make your experience of the usage of the VLC Media Player even better. The Audio Visualization makes Media Player more interactive and cooler; as each song has a unique pattern to show. However, these array of patterns only last as long as the song lasts.

How to turn on the Audio Visualization feature?

1. Go to the VLC Menu, click on Audio & Visualizations and then select the type of visualization you wish to view.

2. Another method to enable the visualization option is to right click on the screen while your audio plays and then go to Audio & Visualization and then select your preferred visualization.


3. The options that are available to you by default are Spectrometer, Scope, Spectrum, Vu Meter, Goom and ProjectM. You can also switch between the styles while the audio plays.

How to turn off the Audio Visualization feature?

1. Go to the VLC Menu, click on Audio & Visualizations and the select the disable option.
2. Also, while your audio plays you can right click on the screen and then choose the disable option.


How do you rotate and flip a video in the VLC Media Player?

VLCThe VLC Media Player is much more about than just playing the videos, it can easily stream any of your downloaded files and also stream then from
your online web resources. It can also convert files and its formats. There are some amazing features that the VLC Media Player has to offer, which would be something like the flipping or the rotation of the video while it is playing it. Whatever you purpose maybe, the videos can be flipped, rotated or even transposed according to your need. Not only can you rotate the videos to the simple angles such as 90, 180 or 270 but also to the arbitrary angles such as 73, 48 etc. So, below are given the steps to follow in order to
rotate, flip or transpose any video in the VLC Media Player :

  1.  Go the VLC Media Player menu, then go to Tools Effects and Filters [Shortcut: CTRL + E].
  2. From the Adjustments and Effects option, go to the “Video Effects” tab.
  3. Go to the sub tab and choose the “Geometry” option.
  4. Click on the checkbox next to the text that says “Transform” and you will find a list of options available for you to choose from.
  5. Some of the options available are  Rotate by fix angle, Flip Videos and Transpose.
  6. During the rotation by a certain angle, you can move around the angle dialer to do the same or even type out the angle.
  7.  From the drop-down, you can select the flip horizontally or flip vertically option to flip according to your want.

How to install new Audio Visualizations in VLC?

VLCVLC media player is one of the greatest video-player that ever created. It provides us so many functions, we can play any type of video format with the help of this software. VLC media player actually earn this position by providing the high-standard of service with constant rate. We can install the new visualization by following these steps:

  1. At first, we have to download the files from the online sources. These files are in the form of zip file, then we have to extract those files from the compressed form.
  2. Then we have to copy those extracted files and paste it in the directory folder of VLC in C drive (the drive in which window is present).
  3. After copying and pasting of all files, we have to go back to the VLC player software, and there is one option name as TOOL present in the toolbar, we have to select the TOOL option, then drop down menu will open from there we have to select the PREFERNCE option.
  4. Then one window will get open, in the bottom left, there is option as “Show Settings” under that we have to select the “ALL” option.
  5. The Advance setting window will get open, on the left side there is one small vertical window having different options in it, from there we have to select “Audio” and then “Visualisation” and then select the file name. After that we have to point it towards the path of that file in the C drive.
  6. Now we have to close the window, and select the “Audio” option from the toolbar and then select “Visualization” option and then select the name of new visualization file name, and this will play visualization.

How to go Frame by frame in VLC

VLCVLC is a multimedia player application efficient to play videos of any format. It can even play odd encrypted files on any device. VLC offers their users a Frame by Frame feature that enables device to play through a video one step at one time. There are two simple ways users can use to move one frame ahead at the time.

  • Shortcut Key: it is a simple method users can use. Whether video is playing or pausing in the device user can get frame by frame feature after hitting Hotkey. Users need to press ‘E’ to pause the video while playing. E is the default hotkey for Frame by frame option. Hitting ‘E’ for couple of time will lead the accurate place in media. Users can edit shortcut option by going to Tools>Preferences and then the user need to switch hotkeys tab. Entering Frame on the search result will
    lead users to get the option easily.
  • Advanced Controls: here users can go to view menu to turn on the Frame by Frame button after clicking the advanced control option. Users need to press the last button in the advanced control option as soon as they notice another line of player control seems in the default set of media control keys to access the Frame by Frame feature on their device. If the user is facing trouble to find the button on advanced control interface, then they can add the option by using Tools > Customize Interface feature.

Download VLC 1.7.9

VLCVLC media player is a multimedia player application delivering the best quality videos to their customers. This application is referred as cross platform that shows any type of audio, videos in different file, format and size. It is efficient to play videos from any network streaming protocols as well. VLC media player serves its accessibility on Android and Windows for their customers and intended to play any type of videos. It is free, safe and secured to download on any operative device without facing difficulties. Users need not require to use any external code for VLC, it supports any device to work automatically. It can play distorted files and can transcode media files into different formats.

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Download VLC 1.7.8

VLCVLC or also popularly known as the VLC Media Player has everything in the media content that you might be looking for. It is a media – player that supports in playing most of the media content; mainly the video content. It also continues to function even if you come across a video that is damaged or incomplete. VLC is the leading media – player in the market, it also has the maximum number of satisfied users and claims to give the best user- experience. It also supports HD viewing for its users and does not compromise on its video quality. Continue reading


Download VLC 1.7.5

VLCThe VLC media player is an open-source, free, and highly portable multimedia player and streaming medium developed by VideoLAN. VLC media player is immensely popular and has become the topmost choice among users. The VLC media player is free and supports almost all file formats. It contains the majority of the codecs and additional codecs can be installed since it is open source software. It comes heavily packed with features which include taking snapshots, adjusting playback speeds, playing ZIP files without individual extraction and so on. Users can also add extra features by downloading plugins.

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Download VLC 1.7.4

VLCThe VLC is a multi platform media player available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and ios operating systems. The media player is free of cost and there are no premium versions of it. The media player was developed by “The VideoLan” in the year 2001. The player has a got a good name in the technology because of it’s ability to play all types of video files. The VLC can also be used to reduce the quality and size of the video files through compression.It supports and can play different files such as MP4, MPEG, MKV, MP3, WAV etc. The different number of keyboard shortcuts are available in the app to ease the use of the media player. The VLC media player can change it’s default language and is available in 48 languages from all over the world.The media player is the most used player and is rated as the best media player.

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